Passive Income ideas for how to make money

Passive Income Ideas For How To Make Money

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You’ve probably heard that if you want to make a lot of money, you should Then you’d have to earn it in two or three other methods. In actuality, there are 4-5 options. Because a single source of income is insufficient to make you a millionaire or billionaire.But has anyone ever told you that these 5-6-7 distinct sources of income are all connected?

What will you do to establish these sources?

How shall you earn through these many methods? Well, I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that I’m 24 today. I also have seven separate income streams. I can tell you exactly what I did, and I did it for all of these reasons.I only did one thing. How did I build seven streams of income by focusing on only one thing?


So, what exactly is Consultancy? It is you who is informing others about events.

  • They are unaware of or
  • They have less information about, and you will be able to assist them with that expertise.
  • Provide some sort of benefit to them.

Many large organizations now retain respected and large consultants solely for this purpose So, I used to be a kid. What can I teach a 17-year-old that huge corporations will accept? Why should you hire me and pay me? So I went to my father at the moment and told him what I was thinking. I asked him, “What should I do so that the world recognises value?” He replied, “Tell me three or four things that I can do.”do anything that will raise my value, he advised, “Don’t Run Behind 3-4 Things,” and instead think and learn it in such a way that you become an expert in it, and then when you’re ready, you’ll be able to teach it to others. When you become an expert, people will see you as a valuable person, and you will be compensated accordingly. After that, you can consider how you can make money and which companies you can work for. What you can do as a consultant or in your own business. That was enlightening to me. I then proceeded to Google. and looking for skills that would allow me to make a lot of money because that’s what I wanted to do. But I couldn’t find anything, so I googled something that any youngster going to start college should know about. What should be my degree of choice? What should I read this time? What colleges are going to be good?

for myself? So instead of doing that, I looked up Which Skill Would Be in High Demand at the time. What does Will Happen in the Future? Then I learned about online marketing and digital marketing and their requirements. I thought it was a good idea to phone some of the individuals who were going to soar because they didn’t know anything about it. My buddies discussed it with them, and I realized that no one else was aware of it, so I went back to Google. I went online and looked up Where Can I Learn Digital Marketing. and discovered that Google was the source of the information that gives free certificate classes in which you may learn all about digital marketing, so I did. I didn’t understand everything, but I did learn one thing: Google Ads are run. Then I learned how to run Facebook advertisements, and now that I’ve learned these two things, I’m ready to go. Even in my friend circle, I had learned something that many others didn’t know. Because the father of one of my acquaintances worked for Jaguar-LandRover, I approached him and inquired whether

He stated, “I will acquire an internship with your organisation.” No, because you’re small, you’d have to apply. I told him something. Tell me about your problems that I can handle, and he told me that his problem isn’t on the list. The local dealership, those who sell automobiles, is the company’s true problem, and we need to operate it. They wanted to run commercials so that people would know about the dealership, but their money was limited.

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