The 9 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

The 9 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

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Learning which programming languages are in demand will help those looking for a dream job in software development. Recruiters nowadays prefer individuals with strong coding skills over those with traditional degrees and experience. Choosing the correct programming language to study might be difficult when there are hundreds to select from, but there are many resources available to assist. This article will teach you India’s most popular programming languages.


Python programming languages are highly popular among data scientists. Python-skilled professionals are in high demand in the software business for positions such as Android developers, Amazon Web Services developers, Angular JS developers, and API developers. If you want to be considered for these positions, you need to brush up on your Java knowledge. According to Coursera, students frequently utilize Python for deep learning, deep learning algorithms, and AI. Python is a popular programming language with a vibrant community that has grown in popularity among novices because of its extensive library and straightforward syntax.


In website front-end development, these highest-paying programming languages play a crucial role. It is one of the most frequently asked questions on Stack Overflow. For front-end development (UI) and database development tasks, employers in India are looking for people who are proficient in JavaScript. JS skills are also beneficial to API and RPA projects.


Too many businesses still place a premium on the fundamentals! Whether they are front-end engineers, full-stack developers, or web designers, software organizations must hire people with this knowledge and experience. According to a Statista poll, approximately 63 percent of respondents utilize HTML/CSS, making it the second most popular programming language. Markup languages are commonly used in websites, web apps, and enterprise-level software. It’s also one of the most difficult programming languages to learn.


Google, Netflix, Instagram, and Amazon are among the most well-known companies that use Java in their backends. Indian organizations require applicants with strong Java expertise for positions such as AWS developers, Angular JS developers, API developers, and Android developers. Java is used in mobile, online, desktop GUI, gaming, and corporate applications.


Language for statistical programming The programming language R is a dialect of the S programming language. R experts are required for positions such as data analyst, research and development engineer, or data scientist at data-driven software organizations. Knowing R can be beneficial to RPA developers. It enables them to gather information from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


For projects including the development of open-source software and Android apps, we are searching for applicants with good C++ programming skills. Microsoft, Opera, NASA, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the companies that employ C++. It’s also used by game developers, roboticists, and avionics programmers.


The majority of the top-10 lists included PHP. Java and other server-side scripting languages are popular for creating both static and dynamic web applications. Several software companies are looking for full-stack developers with strong PHP programming skills, and Drupal, a PHP-based content management platform, is also in demand.


SQL developers are needed by software firms in India for a variety of tasks, including Azure developers, Amazon Web Services developers, and RPA developers. API developers frequently require SQL knowledge.


Java was the first cross-platform language to be supported by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java isn’t the only language supported by the JVM, though. The Scala programming language is JVM compatible and can communicate with Java libraries and code. Scala is a programming language that is used to create Android apps, and it is also a requirement for occupations such as AWS developers and big-data engineers.

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